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mikes reptile room


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reptile room

well this is my adult bearded dragon tank. it is 8 ft x 4 ft and 36 in. tall.the front slides open . and i even have a lock for it to keep the kids out


this is a couple tanks i have . the 20 long on the desk is the home for our newest dragon , he dont have a name yet but thats his home


the rubbermaid tote on the right is my baby crickets. i was trying to breed them and it worked .But i dont know if ill try again .they take so long to get big.


this is our fish tank. its a 40 gal long. theres only a couple fish in it right now.


this is a 30 gal long. it was out dragon named kamodo in it .


we also have a leopard gecko in a 20 long and i have a 29 gal and a 15 gal and a 10 gal. the 10 i use for crickets and the 15 also but the 29 im thinking about putting fish in it again.


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