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mikes reptile room


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General care

Substrate: i use normal play sand Lighting: One spot light over each basking area. Also full-spectrum lighting is highly recommended

Heating: Daytime Temperature should be 80-85 degrees F (26.7-29.4 C) with at least one basking area reaching 90-105 degrees F. Use thermometers !

Feeding: Crickets, mealworms, king mealworms (super worms), and plant food (Mustard Greens, Collards,melons,

Water: Fresh clean water should be offered three times a week in a shallow dish


Beard display: Defensive behavior (primarily by males and more readily during breeding season.

Arm waving: Young, often when larger dragons are in sight and during basking, older females, during breeding when males get to aggressive. This behavior is not common in older males unless another more aggressive male is present.

Head Bobbing: Aggressive action in males, drastic (usually rapid) up and down head movement. Females and babies do little head bobs usually to get attention before another action such as waving or bowing.

Bowing: Up in down motion by females, slow push ups, submissive behavior.

Gaping: When basking or in direct sunlight, dragons may gape to cool down. If they have no access to shade you need to move them to a cooler location.

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